What is The Difference Between AppleScript And Occam, Programming Languages

AppleScript is a Scripting Language, while Occam is a Procedural Programming Language

What are Scripting Languages

Scripting languages are programming languages that control an application. Scripts can execute independent of any other application. They are mostly embedded in the application that they control and are used to automate frequently executed tasks like communicating with external programs.

What are Procedural Programming Languages

Procedural (imperative) programming implies specifying the steps that the programs should take to reach to an intended state. A procedure is a group of statements that can be referenced through a procedure call. Procedures help in the reuse of code. Procedural programming makes the programs structured and easily traceable for program flow.

While AppleScript is a Scripting Language, and Occam is a Procedural Programming Language

Let us now look at the difference between the two:

What is AppleScript Programming Language – A brief synopsis

It is a scripting language that is built into the Mac OS.

What is Occam Programming Language – A brief synopsis

It is an imperative procedural language that was developed by David May and his colleagues at INMOS. It is similar to Pascal. Occam-pi is a variant of Occam that has been extended to include nested protocols, recursion, protocol inheritance, array constructors and run-time process creation.


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