Reasons you Ought to Buy Apple Watch


Many could call the Apple Watch a high-priced accent. And I won’t completely deny that, however, it’s absolutely worth it. How? And why exactly should you buy an Apple Watch? Well, let me serve you with not just 1 but 9 factors to buying an Apple Watch.

  • It keeps up with time
  • It keeps up with your connections
  • It keeps up with your well-being
  • It keeps up with your work
  • It keeps up with your entertaunment
  • It keeps up with your loved ones and neighbors
  • It keeps up with your privacy
  • It keeps up with your lifestyle

1. It keeps up with time  

What’s nice is that you get a variety of Apple Watch faces

And if that’s not incentive enough, you can change the faces automatically.

Alarm, reminders, timers, and extra

Apple Watch has almost every feature you’ll require from a time-piece. It can also double as a stopwatch, more, thanks to some incredible third-party apps

2. It keeps you connected

Unless you are experimenting with a digital, social, or communicative detox, we all like to keep up to date. Yes, the frequency may well differ from person to person, however, we often check our phones regularly.

You can go to a gymnasium, a club, or conduct our errands, without missing anything. And it’s not all just work. You can use Apple Watch to monitor your activities, listen to music, podcasts, or audiobooks, get directions, and make or receive calls or texts.

3. It helps keep up with your overall health

Probably the most advertised function of the Apple Watch. We’ve learned stories upon stories of how the watch has saved many lives. Some by detecting falls and calling 911, and some by supporting patients to catch early symptoms.

Must know Apple Watch’s overall health features

Apple’s healthcare page

  • Heart well-being Heart rate monitoring–Notifies when the heart rate is unusually excessive or low.
  • Heart Rate Recovery
  • Heart Rate Variability (HRV)
  • Cardio Fitness
  • ECG app
  • Respiratory fee
  • Fall Detection
  • Mental overall healthiness
  • Protect hearing
  • Cycle monitoring

Activity tracking and exercise session

Challenges and incentives encourage us to get our pursuits and test our limits. And Apple employs these tactics to push us towards our health and well-being goals with 3 Activity rings–Move, exercise, and Stand.

Apple routinely uses conducts challenges, and limited version achievement markers to keep things interesting. And if you like competing with friends/family, the activity Sharing function.

The best part is that you don’t have to be a health fanatic to make the most of the Apple Watch. You do your do, whether a walk, yoga, pilates, dance, swimming, core training, useful force training, or tai chi, each small or big effort is accounted for and supported.

Fitness + 

Introduced in late 2020,

These live experts record classes and incorporate their unique education style, personality, and style in music.

The service additionally boasts a special feature, Time To Walk

Note: You can get these benefits from native apps and watchOS. A host of health and well-being and health Apple Watch apps

4. It keeps up with your work

Apple Watch can be a great companion whether your work incorporates commute, working from home, a desk job, etc.

Stay in the loop

You will not miss any imperative calls, messages, or notifications while the iPhone is in your pocket/bag or at a distance (another desk or room). You can:

  • FaceTime audio calls
  • They answer, reject, or silence incoming calls.
  • See/read notifications from a selection of apps
  • Reply to messages
  • ShareMemoji
  • pictures

Focus modes for the win

While the Apple Watch understands you want to stay connected, it can additionally undertake the job of preserving distractions at a minimum. Features like Focus.

Take notes

I know the small screen of the Apple Watch isn’t note-taking-friendly. But a suggestion doesn’t verify whether you have iPhone/Mac or pencil and paper useful when it strikes. So, we make do with what we have on our fingers.

And thanks to the native voice Memos app

note-taking apps

: If you’re a pupil or considering buying a watch for a student, here’s your tip


Apple’s voice assistant is pretty helpful on the Apple Watch. You can ask Siri to.

  • Answer some primary or funny questions
  • Start a timer
  • Send a message
  • Find you a route or nearby prone and direct you in the direction of the vacation spot
  • Set a Focus mode
  • Announce calls or notifications supportive ear/headphones
  • Your schedule for the day and more.
  • Open a certain app

And this is simply the tip of the iceberg. The Apple Watch also helps Siri Shortcuts, so you can even ask Siri to clear all notifications and change the watch face as per time/location.

5. It keeps you entertained

The Apple Watch understands that all work and no play can make its proprietor dull 1. So, it incorporates options that aid you in letting your hair down.


Although not from its speakers, Apple Watch helps with music listening via Bluetooth units (earbuds, speakers, etc). You’re not restricted to Apple Music; there are hosts of third-party music apps

And not solely music, however, you can additionally play audiobooks, podcasts, and radio. Remarkably, the Apple Watch additionally offers Shazam support, i.e., you can additionally acknowledge the track playing in the background; just ask Siri which track this is.


Don’t rub your eyes; you’re not interpreting an anomaly. In fact, you can play a host of fascinating and enjoyable games on the Apple Watch.

Apps galore

Apple Watch has an exhaustive array of apps

  • dwelling automation
  • podcasts

Overall, you won’t get bored or left stranded if you have the Apple Watch and the right apps by your aspect.

6. It connects you with your loved ones and acquaintances

It’s insane how a lot Apple Watch can do to connect you with your family and friends, particularly now that we have a family Setup

Family Setup

Pair over 1 Apple Watch with your iPhone, and set up a watch for little ones or older individuals. And while the Apple Watch will support all features, the parent/child will have to manage certain options like:

  • Content and App Store restrictions
  • Apple Cash Family–Load cash for Apple Pay
  • Emergency SOS Notification
  • Current location through Find My
  • Call permission and set Schooltime schedule (only for kids)
  • View health-related info

Health Sharing

We can’t be in all places and monitor each little aspect of our parents, partners, or kids’ life. However, thanks to Apple Watch, you can at least hold an eye out on their well-being stats. When enabled, you can view the health information of a fellow Apple Watch user.

Depending upon the permissions given when setting up, you can get an overview of cardiac health and fitness (heart rate), sleep metrics, exercise minutes, and so forth. You can even view the heath and fitness tendencies, that they have established or broken lately.

The setting alerts you if there’s an emergency, like when a fall is detected, or a metric is out of order.

7. It keeps up with the Apple ecosystem  

Along with family/friends, Apple Watch is additionally a master at keeping you connected with your Apple devices. For instance, you can unlock your iPhone.

  • Mac
  • You can additionally ping the paired iPhone through Apple Watch
  • Interestingly, the Apple Watch also boasts AirPlay compatibility
  • There’s more; Apple Watch can double Apple TV remote.
  • HomeKit remote
  • iPhone Camera set off

8. It keeps up with your privacy

Apple puts privacy at the core of every device, feature, and service it releases, and the Apple Watch is no different.

9. It keeps up with your lifestyle  

I have already established how Apple Watch keeps you connected and supports you during work, exercise session travels, and so forth. So, it indeed keeps up or molds into your fashion of living. However, there are additionally some more social merits to owning an Apple Watch.

Foremost, it carries Apple’s signature glossy and minimal design philosophy. To put it simply, it looks classy and panache. You get infinite selections for Apple Watch components.

So, you can customize the appears to be like to swimsuit your fashion statement. Another attention-grabbing Apple Watch characteristic involves help with Apple Pay, hotel/home keys, transit cards, and Covid-19 vaccination cards.

Then there are accessibility features like VoiceOver, zoom, braille display, gestures/Assistive Touch

Things to think about before procuring an Apple Watch 

I hope by now, you’re convinced that Apple Watch is more than a mere accent. And that this smartwatch would be worth buying. However, the following are a few things you should think about.

Do you have an iPhone? 

While Apple Watch works wonderfully independently, it still needs to be paired with an iPhone for functionality. And the way of an iPhone can only manage and access some features. So, if you don’t have an iPhone, you can’t have an Apple Watch.

Would it impact your digital addiction?

It’s funny that the device we rely upon for digital minimalism is a digital device itself. Although I should say, Apple Watch has helped me and many others like me to reduce our day-by-day device utilization.

Instead of unlocking the iPhone and falling down the deep pit of scrolling, I now rapidly and swiftly see my watch for updates, reply to that need attention, and move on with my workflow.

Is it worth the expense? 

Yes, especially if you compare it with different smartwatches in the market. However, the value is considerably worth it when considering seamless compatibility, exact data metrics, and privacy-intensive options.


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